Angry Birds Star Wars Hits No.1 Spot In U.S. App Store In Record 2.5 Hours

Rovio’s latest Angry Birds instalment, Angry Birds Star Wars, launched yesterday and (surprise, surprise) it debuted to huge success. In only two and a half hours it reached the number one spot in the U.S. App Store. According to Rovio’s blog, this is the fastest that an Angry Birds game has reached the top spot, “blasting away all of our previous records.”

In Angry Birds Star Wars, the Angry Birds are the rebels trying to defeat the evil Imperial Pigs in more than 80 Star Wars-themed levels. The game is also topping the iOS App Store paid app chart in the U.K..

Rovio hasn’t revealed the actual download numbers for Angry Birds Star Wars yet, but I think it’s safe to say the Angry Birds franchise isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, as this is the “biggest and best launch yet” according to Rovio.

Image Credit: Eurodroid

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