More Angry Birds levels released for some reason

To the shock of absolutely no one, Rovio has again released more levels for Angry Birds, proving that a game publisher will beat a dead horse viciously with a mallet so long as they think a dime might pop out of its ear. Fans of the game will be pleased, however: The Angry Birds sequel “Seasons” can be updated to grab 30 new Chinese Moon Festival-themed levels. Within them you’ll find pagodas, rabbits, lanterns and pretty much exactly the same gameplay that Angry Birds has had since day one. PocketGamer┬áreports that you can also grab eight hidden pieces of mooncake, in case that somehow constitutes a lure in some way. There’s also an in-app purchase for something called “The Destructive Mighty Eagle,” available for $0.99, that can be used once every 60 minutes and more or less nukes and paves whatever level it is that’s annoying you. The D.M.E. also gives you new Game Center achievements to enjoy. The new levels are a mere $0.99 for iPhone and $1.99 for iPad and can be nabbed from the iTunes App Store.

If you notice a little hostility on my part about Angry Birds, it’s not meant to be nearly as acerbic as you may think. I am simply tired of this simple and not-that-innovative game clogging up the iOS gaming news channels. I recently heard it described to me thusly: Imagine James Cameron’s Avatar was still in theaters and held the #1 movie box office spot. You’d start rolling your eyes a bit, too.

Source: Pocketgamer

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