AnandTech article on iPhone 3GS performance

AnandTech has posted an article on the hardware that is likely to be in the new iPhone 3GS. Of course, someone will do a full tear-down of the device as soon as it is available, but the sources seem pretty good on this one. The general vibe is that the iPhone is going from 486/Nvidia TNT type hardware of the mid-late 90’s to a CPU built like a super-fast Pentium, and a GPU with an architecture very similar to modern DX8/DX9 GPUs. The results should be impressive.

AnandTech: The iPhone 3GS Hardware Exposed and Analyzed

As a little side note on the 3GS, I found this tweet last night from @TheSeanWilson funny:

Apple II GS to iPhone 3GS…. It’s been a long time.