Analyst: Demand for mobile apps will drive 50 percent sales growth for Apple

It’s a mobile revolution, and we’re smacked right at the starting line. Well, for most of us, we were at the starting line in 2007 when the first iPhone shipped, but society is finally beginning to catch up to the early adopters.

When given the choice between a dumb phone and a smart phone, most opt for the later. Smart phones are no longer a business class device, so as the market shifts, demand for mobile applications can drive growth for mobile handset makers.

According to Forrester Research founder George Colony, consumer demand for mobile applications is driving Apple’s sales growth. Colony believes that Apple will see more than 50% sales growth over the next two years, as more and more consumers begin to buy iPhones and iPads.

Of course, he also brings up unfounded worries over Jobs’ health, and the effect that will have on products in the future. He had our attention up until that point. Now we’re just questioning how much Colony actually knows about Apple’s management team.

Article Via Apple Insider
Photo Credit: Tanaka Report

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