Analyst: Apple to increase iPhone sales by 27 percent next year

Apple could sell more iPhones next year than years past according to an analyst. Another strong year is expected from Apple, so strong in fact that Bill Choi, analyst for Janney Capital Markets has Apple selling 27 percent more iPhones next year over this year, totalling 107 million shipped devices.

According to Choi, as quoted by AllThings D‘s John Paczkowski:

There are still a handful of major carriers worldwide that have yet to carry the iPhone. Potential deals with Sprint (52.1M subscribers), T-mobile (33.6M subscribers), China Mobile (628M subscribers) and other large international carriers pose a catalyst to fuel iPhone sales,” Choi observes. “As of the third quarter of 2011, Apple distributed the iPhone in 105 countries through 228 carriers.

Expanding carrier options in countries like China will obviously be a huge market opportunity for Apple and a great catalyst for increasing marketshare should the iPhone eventually find its way onto China Mobile’s store shelves. But, there are also a number of carriers in the western world still without access to the iPhone. Plenty of people on Sprint and T-Mobile are patiently waiting for the iPhone, just like they were on Verizon. Addressing those markets alone provides plenty of opportunity for Apple to reach new customers, so it’s no surprise that an analyst sees Apple selling plenty more iPhones this year. There have been rumors that Apple will be bringing the iPhone to both Sprint and T-Mobile in the near future for some time now, but more recently we’ve heard that the Radio Shack inventory system has revealed a Sprint iPhone 5 could be days away from shipping.

More people are about to get access to the iPhone this time around, and that should clearly translate into higher sales numbers for Apple. Predicting it isn’t exactly rocket science.

Source: Bill Choi
Via: AllThingsD

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