Analyst: An Estimated 200 Million iPhones Will Be Sold In 2013

Investment analyst Michael Walkley predicts that Apple is on its way to sellingĀ 194 million iPhones in the coming 2013 fiscal year. These numbers include sales on all iPhone models, not just the iPhone 5. This is still a massive jump over the 125 million iPhones Apple sold in fiscal 2012, revealed last week at Apple’s earnings call.

These increasing numbers can be attributed to various factors, such as people buying their first smartphones, people who skipped the 4S and are looking to upgrade, an increase in older/cheaper iPhone models and a continuously improving app market.

Samsung and its wide line of phones are expected to hit 300 million sales during this time.

As for tablets, the iPad and new iPad mini are also expected to sell a combined 101 million units, with an average of 25 million iPad sales a month.

The 2013 fiscal year begins this holiday quarter so the sales of these devices during those months will be indicative as to whether they will hit these projected numbers. It will be interesting to see if Apple can manage to keep this massive number increase going in the coming years, or whether we’re starting to slow down and reach a peak in the growth of smartphone sales.

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