American Apple Users Can Finally Purchase The Lightning To Micro USB Adapter

European users have had the luxury of being able to convert their standard Micro USB cables to iPhone compatible Lightning cables for some time now with the Lightning to Micro USB adapter. This accessory was sold in all countries in the EU in order to comply with hardware standards regulations; however, now customers in the US, Canada and other countries can purchase the adapter for $19 USD.

So, what does this adapter do? Simple: it features a Micro USB input on one end and a Lightning output on the other end. This allows you to plug your iPhone 5, iPad mini or any other Lightning equipped devices into a standard USB cable. The adapter is pretty small, so you can keep it attached to your Micro USB cable when you travel.

Why would you want to buy this pricey adapter anyway? Well, if you only use iOS devices, there’s really no point. For the same price, you can purchase a brand new Lightning cable. However, if you use an Android device alongside your iOS device, you can bring this adapter with you and it will allow for sharing of the same Micro USB cable, so when you want to charge your iPhone, just pop the adapter onto your USB cable.

If you’d like to purchase this adapter for yourself, head on over to the Apple Online Store.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.