Amazon is jumping on the eBook lending bandwagon

What is one thing that could be keeping people from migrating to eBooks from traditional paper books?  Some might say it’s barrier of entry due to cost, but I would have to say that it is the ability to lend books out to friends or family members.  When you buy an eBook, only the purchaser can read the eBook on their device.  It can’t be leant out.  The only way around this is if everyone in your household has the same account; then, they will be able to read the same book you’re reading.  Barnes and Noble was the first to introduce a fourteen day lending policy on their eBooks.  This is a great way for your friends and family to borrow your eBook, and see if they like it or not.  Possibly even finish reading it, if they are quick readers.  Well, Amazon has decided to be number two in this area, and has jumped on the eBook lending bandwagon.

According to, later this year Amazon “…will let folks lend books they’ve purchased to other Kindle users for a 14-day period, during which the person that actually purchased the book won’t be able to read it themselves.”  I would have preferred that the purchaser still be able to read their eBooks, but alas, it looks as though DRM is still in full effect.  I guess book publishers could not really control what a person did after they purchased a traditional paper book; however, in this digital age we live in, they seem to have that type of control.

Moreover, this is a positive for eBook publishers and makers of eBook devices.  This will further assist in the transition from a paper to a digital medium.  However, there are going to be those who would prefer a traditional book over an eBook.  So there’s no way that you can persuade them to switch.  But, for those that are on the fence or willing to switch, this will make the transition that much easier.  Would this make you switch from traditional books to eBooks?  Let us know by speaking your mind in our comments section below.

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