Alien Blue 2.6 Released For iPhone

Alien Blue, a popular Reddit client for iOS, was recently updated to version 2.6. Alien Blue is one of the most popular Reddit clients for iOS as it has been developed from the ground up to offer the best experience on an iOS device. Version 2.6 is one of the biggest updates that Alien Blue has received in a while. Version 2.6 of Alien Blue brings native GIF viewing (finally!), iCloud integration to sync viewed links and other improvements. If you would like to view the full release notes, check out this Reddit post.

While Alien Blue is a free application, we would highly recommend buying the Pro version of the application if you’re a heavy Reddit user on your iPhone. Not only are you helping the developer, but the Pro version of Alien Blue also adds a ton of cool features such as subreddit discovery, organization and grouping. Subreddit grouping and organization are synced via iCloud. The Pro version of Alien Blue is available for $1.99 as an in-app purchase.

If you’d like to download Alien Blue for yourself, click the link below this post to be taken to the iTunes store where you can get Alien Blue for free.

Source: Reddit

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