Air Display apps allow for bigger workspaces using iOS devices or secondary Macs

A couple weeks ago DoublePane (which was free on Independence Day) popped up. Today it’s Avatron Software’s turn with Air Display, another screen extension application that does clever things with your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch or Mac.

Its nifty work is achieved through wireless connectivity, which means there’s no need for any peripheral equipment, a bonus when you consider the amount of wires plaguing the average household. Air Display for Mac also offers the option to connect via Ethernet for improved performance.

There are two separate apps available — a Mac OS X version that turns a secondary Mac into an extension of your primary machine (granted, you need to own two Macs) or the iOS app, which is likely to be more commonly used, and arguably more impressive.

Air Display iOS, if used with an iPad, certainly helps you if you’re tight for space. It’s good for shoving secondary documents on while you’re working and then when you’re done, easy to return to what iOS is good for — computing on the move.

You could argue that buying a secondary monitor would be simpler, but if you’re a multi-Mac household, it makes sense to utilise what you have if you need some extra screen real estate.

The iOS version will set you back $9.99, while the Mac variable is an extra ten bucks.

Source: Avatron Software

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