500px App Launches Beautiful iPhone App

It’s been a long wait for those wanting to browse the stunning pictures found on 500px from the comfort of their phones, but an app is finally here. With it, the app brings a fluid and easy way to browse all the high quality pictures the image sharing site has to offer.

The app allows you to like, comment and favorite pictures as well as view information about the photo such as what camera it was taken with, the shutter speed, etc. You can also share pictures you like directly to Facebook and Twitter. For the photographers out there, the app unfortunately doesn’t allow you to upload pictures straight from your phone; however, the folks at 500px have said that feature is in the works. Heavy 500px users will still be satisfied by the app’s notification feature that will send push notifications whenever someone interacts with one of your pictures.

While it took a full year for the iPhone app to come out since we saw the release of 500px on iPad, the app has turned out incredibly well. It’s incredibly fast, smooth and easy to use and it shows that a lot of time went into its development. While the small iPhone screen does a big disservice to many of the pictures 500px has to offer, it still provides a free and enjoyable way to get your fancy photography fix.

Also, the app doesn’t have a built-in camera feature. It’s a huge oversight and missed opportunity.

Image Credit: The Next Web

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