4G smartphone customers unhappy with poor battery life

Add another point to Apple’s “This Is Why We Do Things Our Way” board.

J.D. Power & Associates reports that owners of first-gen 4G smartphones are among the least happy customers in the phone business today. Owners of 4G smartphones rated their battery life as a 6.1 average out of 10, while 3G owners give it a 6.7. While the difference isn’t huge, it still matters to customers. Twenty-five percent of 4G customers that gave their battery a perfect 10 said they would buy from the same manufacturer again, while only 13 percent of those scoring it 7-9 would purchase again.

Meanwhile, Apple finished with an average of 839 points out of a possible 1,000 in the overall customer satisfaction rankings. This puts them well above the 774 point average for the industry, and has them ranked “Best of the Best” for the 7th consecutive time. HTC is the only other company above average, with a 798. Samsung (769), Motorola (758), LG and RIM (733 each) were notable companies with reported scores.

Without 4G on the iPhone, users will be hard-pressed to play these awesome new Flash games that are coming out, or download their torrents while they’re driving to work. I wonder how they could possibly be so happy without it.

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