Could 40% of Jailbreakers Really be Pirating Apps?

AppAdvice performed some pretty interesting journalism recently. They spoke to the fellow behind AppTrackr, an AppStore piracy application for Jailbroken phones, and he gave some pretty eye-opening stats. He is claiming that 40% of Jailbroken phones are using AppTrackr. Assuming the statistic of 10% of iPhones being Jailbroken is correct, that means 4% of iPhone users are pirating apps via AppTrackr.

This leads me to believe that the incessant yammering from the Jailbreakers about Apple being “The man” is actually just the complaints of people that don’t like paying for software. Sure, there are some legitimate reasons for Jailbreaking, but these piracy numbers sound pretty crazy to my ears. What if 40% of visitors to the US were muling cocaine? There would be some cracking down going on pretty damn quickly.

What do you think about this piracy situation? Do you think a large portion of jailbreakers only do it for pirated software? Maybe you’re a Jailbreaker with a completely legitimate reason. Please sound off in the comment section of this post to have your voice heard.

Article Via 9to5Mac

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