Twenty-two percent of UK iPhone purchasers have regrets according to survey

A new poll conducted by recently revealed that 22 percent of UK iPhone owners later “regretted” their purchase. The survey asked 1,694 Britons over 18 whether they were satisfied with Apple’s iPhone and roughly a quarter admitted that they had some regrets.

Of that 22 percent group, the top five reasons for feeling regret were:

  1. Jealous of rival smartphones (43 percent)
  2. Battery life (25 percent)
  3. Lack of ‘buttons’ (13 percent)
  4. Difficulty using emails (8 percent)
  5. Unhappy with functionality (5 percent)

The disappointment was split up by gender, with 73 percent of the regret filled group being men, and 27 percent women. Looking over the top five reasons, two really stand out as legitimate. The first is battery life, which as an iPhone 4S owner myself, I have experienced less than expected battery life, at least initially. However, as time wore on, my battery life seemed to improve dramatically, so that now I have almost no issues with battery life at all. The second is being unhappy with functionality, and although this was a small percentage of why people expressed regret, it bears thinking about, because it’s an area that Apple can directly do something about. Isn’t the whole “there’s an app for that” idea that any functionality you might wish for can be added, via one app or another?

The other reasons, lack of ‘buttons’ and difficulty with email, well, I can’t help you there. If you aren’t happy with an iPhone because it doesn’t have enough buttons, then you’re not going to be happy with most touch-screen based phones that, guess what, don’t have many buttons either. And if you can’t figure out email, you can always go to an Apple Store and ask someone to help you set it up. Try doing that with your HTC or Galaxy if you’re having trouble setting up email.

But the number one reason? Plain old human nature, I’m afraid. The grass is always greener, buyer’s remorse, that sort of thing. If you’re jealous of rival smartphones, I’m guessing that if you bought one of the other smartphones you’d be jealous of the iPhone too, at least initially.

I’d be curious to know how many of the people who experienced regret over their iPhone purchase went out and got a different phone as a result, or whether they stuck it out, and if so, did their feelings change the more they used the device? The survey doesn’t say how long these individuals had their iPhone, or whether it was their first iPhone, or first smartphone. A little more detail would be valuable here, but unfortunately it’s not available.

As my good (imaginary movie) friend once said, “Dare you take a leap of faith? Or become an old man, filled with regret, waiting to die alone?” (Saito – Inception)

Via: CNET UK Crave
Source: TechDigest
Photo Credit: blakespot

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