14 Million iOS Devices Now Running Evasi0n Jailbreak

Only four days after the release of the iOS 6 jailbreak, 7 million devices were running Evasi0n. Now it’s been a month since the release of the hacked firmware and Pod2g, a member of the Evad3rs team who developed Evasi0n, released some new statistics — over 14 million iOS devices are running Evasi0n. Twenty-three million iDevices are running all versions of a jailbreak, including past and present versions. Damn.

Pod2g released these stats from his Twitter account this morning, while Jay Freeman, also known as Saurik, and the man who’s responsible for the Cydia jailbreak store, has revealed that 23 million jailbroken iOS devices are only the devices that have been seen on Cydia in the last month.

These numbers are pretty impressive, but iOS jailbreakers could always return to the stock version of iOS. Also, keep in mind that there were 75 million iOS devices sold in the last quarter, so 14 million jailbroken iOS devices isn’t a gigantic number when you take into account just how many devices are out there floating around the world.

Image Credit: Gizmodo

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