12 Million Strong for Verizon!

Big changes in Apple corporate partnerships are not a usual occurrence. You never expect to see a MacBook Pro show up on your door step with a DELL logo on it instead of the old glowing fruit. But in the case of the iPhone, a big change is highly anticipated. For months now there have been rumors of an addition to Apple’s cell phone providers. While the majority of iPhone users are with AT&T, some are patiently awaiting the release of the iPhone with Verizon.

The months of rumors have baited, excited, tormented, and exhausted Apple nerds who refuse to stay on the AT&T network. After a report from Oppenheimer analyst Yair Reiner, the figures show some 12 million customers eagerly awaiting the iPhone on their precious Verizon network. With an expected release in 2011 (rumor), the anticipation can only continue to grow until it’s confirmed.

This massive number of people could possibly generate an additional $7 billion in revenue for Verizon. And, in addition to the 12 million who are waiting, I’d expect some AT&T users to jump ship as well and add to that massive number. Will it put AT&T out of business? Not likely.

Some believe this move will help combat the Android-growing dominance.  With Apple’s continuing “antenna” problems for new iPhone 4 users, it’s possible this help needs to be released sooner rather than later.

With half of 2010 over already, 2011 lurks right around the corner. I can’t help but wonder if this is already under production for an early release in 2011, possibly even early Spring 2011.

Also worth noting are several analysts’ warnings. With any device, it’s not 100% tested until it gets in to the hands of the consumer. With that in mind, they warn (heavily) of issues that will arise for the iPhone with the new technology and components that are needed for the Verizon network. So does this mean that our perfect iPhone will be ready at Verizon in seven to eight months, or is it further off than expected?

Article Via 9to5Mac.

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