1% of world’s web traffic comes from iPads

One measly percent might not sound like a lot, but think about how much content is distributed via the web. Ask a browser startup if they’d like to start with one percent of the world’s web traffic and they’d be quick to throw their money at you. It’s only been fourteen months since the first generation iPad came out, but it’s already managed to win a significant amount of the mobile browsing market — one percent to be exact.

If we narrow the geographic region being measured to just the U.S., that percentage jumps up to 2.1. This will surely increase as mobile browsing becomes more and more popular (the global figure for all mobile devices is at 5%). It is worth noting that these figures come courtesy of Net Applications, and the data’s generated from 40,000 websites and 430 referral sources that service 160 million users a month.

Impressive stuff.

Source: NetMarketShare
Via: All Things D
Image Credit:  Henry Lai

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