£1 million in pizza sold through iPhone app in 3 months

If you run a business and think that a mobile application might help your sales, you should probably think long and hard about getting into the App Store. Domino’s managed to sell £1 million In pizza in just three months after releasing their iPhone application. That amount in sales translates into $1.5 million US dollars.  Not too shabby when you consider that their application probably cost them somewhere around the 10-15K dollar mark.

The sales explosion is understandable considering most people buy pizza when they’re hungry, sitting on the couch, and don’t feel like making a meal themselves. Instead of forcing people to get up to find the phone book, or turn on a computer to place an order, people can now unlock their iPhone, launch the app, and place an order from anywhere in their house.  If that isn’t a hassle free process, I don’t know what would classify as such.

The sales numbers are pretty positive for the mobile e-commerce industry, and the always-on nature of the iPhone and other cellphones really helps in these situations.  The application seems to be for the UK and Ireland only, but if you’re in that neck of the woods, we’ve attached the download information below.

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