This iPhone Card Wallet Adds Almost No Bulk To Your iPhone

iPhone wallet cases are great, but unfortunately, they’re often very bulky. However, the Remora for iPhone 5 and 5S aims to go against this status quo. This iPhone card holder snaps onto the back of your iPhone and can carry up to two cards and cash at once. Cards are easily accessible in the Remora, but seemingly still secure with the built-in flexible catch that keeps cards locked into place.

It’s worth noting that the Remora isn’t a case as it only snaps across the back of your iPhone, leaving the sides, front and part of the back exposed to damage from drops and scratches. So if you’re a klutz with your phone, look elsewhere for a more protective wallet case.

Purchase your Remora here for $20.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.