iPhone 5 Event: New iPods Announced

iPod Nano

The 7th generation iPod nano was announced today, and it features another big redesign. It is nearly 50 percent thinner than the 6th generation nano, but it has a huge screen when compared to the tiny 6th generation Nano. It has a 2.5-inch display with multi-touch support, and it even has a Home button.

It comes in seven colors, includes an FM tuner, a volume rocker on the side, and it sports video once again. Interestingly, it has a pedometer built right into it. No need for some fitbit nonsense. Nike+ works out of the box. Heck, it even has Bluetooth support now. Play your music for up to 30 hours. Finally, a kick ass nano update! No more dock connector either. Lightning all the way!

The new nano starts at $149, and ships in October. The new EarPod headphones will also be included with all new iPod nanos.

iPod Touch

The new iPod Touch sports the exact same 4-inch screen that the iPhone 5 has. It’s only 6.1 mm thick, and weighs 88 grams. This thing barely exists at all! It has a speaker, which is nice, and it also gets rid of the 30-pin dock connector. Lightning!

This model has an A5, and it kicks the last iPod touch’s ass. It has seven times the performance. That year of no updates makes a big difference for the touch. This thing looks wonderful. Battery life is improved, and it can now play music for 40 whole hours or video for 8 hours. Not bad at all.

The camera is getting a significant update. It has a 5 megapixel sensor, backside illumination, a hybrid IR filter, a 5-element lens, autofocus, and an LED flash. Much, much better! It even gets the panorama feature! Even cooler is that it comes with a wrist strap that attaches to the bottom of the iPod touch. This is the best point and shoot you’ve ever had that just happens to be an iPod. You’ll be shooting 1080p video in no time.

The radios are being improved as well. The touch now has Bluetooth 4.0 support as well as 802.11n dual band support. Fast browsing ahoy.

Interestingly, the iPod touch now comes in five colors: silver, black, blue, green, and red, all with matching straps.

If you want the new hotness, you’ll need to drop $299 USD for a 32 GB iPod touch. It’ll ship next month. Included are the new EarPod headphones.

iPod Shuffle

Nothing much seems to have changed. It starts at $79 US, and comes in seven colors. That’s about it. *Shrug*

Source: The Verge

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