iPhone 5 Event: Mountain Lion And The New iPad Sold A Ton

At today’s iPhone 5 event, Tim Cook took the time to cover all of Apple’s other successes. Unsurprisingly, Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion has been a big seller. It has now officially sold over 7 million copies just from the Mac App Store.

As far as Mac laptops go, Apple is doing well. Apple has been ranked #1 for the past three months in terms of marketshare, and they were up to 27 percent in July. It’s hard to believe how dominant Macs have become.

iPads continue to accelerate. In Q2 of this year, Apple sold over 17 million units. That means over 84 million iPads have been sold from launch up until the end of June. That is a big number. Humorously, they have data showing that the tablet marketshare of the iPad has gone up from 62 percent to 68 percent over the last year, and that is despite hundreds of new competitors.

Over 700,000 apps exist, and over 250,000 have been optimized for the iPad. The App Store really is kicking it into high gear.

Now, over 400 million iOS devices have shipped worldwide. Amazing.

Source: The Verge

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