iPad Prototype Pops Up On eBay

This morning, an eBay user under the name of “aaps69” listed a prototype of the first-generation iPad on eBay. This iPad has the same general design of the original iPad, but has additional features such as dual dock connectors.

The seller has posted a plethora of pictures and details of this one of a kind prototype in the listing. The iPad is running a protoype version of iOS 3.2 called “Switchboard”. We’ve seen Switchboard on other Apple prototypes as it’s used to test different functions of the prototype, such as the screen and sound. The seller has stated that the prototype has 16GB of internal storage and a new battery. The rest of the parts are OEM.

At the time of publishing this article, the auction is up to $4,800 and has a buy-it-now price of $10,000. Check out the listing for more details and pictures, but act fast as the auction may be pulled soon!

Source: eBay
Image Credit: aaps69

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