Wow! World of Warcraft on the iPad!

Successfully, on the first report, Dave Perry’s crew managed to stream the epically addicting MMORPGWorld of Warcraft to the iPad through the Gaikai server’s game-streaming capability. The important thing to note is that this was done through a regular Wi-Fi connection and it’s highly believed that this will NOT work with the 3G connection on the iPad (possibly the 3G model all together).

Some may fear that this is the revolution in to mobile WoW gaming, or just furthering the addiction to the game. However, it could be a revolution to gaming in general. I don’t think that anybody would faithfully game on the iPad, but by being able to stream it on to it means we have a good start to this new campaign that Perry seems to have started as he claims to be “…trying just about every genre of game, on every device possible…” in an effort to fully test the server-sided computing.

What does this mean for everybody? Can we all expect to take part in this awesome event? No. Not just yet. We’ll have to stay tuned to see what other updates come of this reveal.

Article via David Perry.
Photo Credit: juanpol

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