Wired begins using Apple’s in-app subscription model

Wired iPad Subscription Screen.

Back in February Apple told developers that in order to be able to sell subscriptions through the App Store, developers must use Apple’s in-app subscription model by June 30th. Some developers are probably going to wait until the last week of June before submitting their application updates in order to comply with Apple’s rules. There is one company that is not waiting until the last minute to submit their application update: Wired.

Wired has released an update to their application that falls within the guidelines set by Apple to use the in-app purchasing method. Wired follows all of the rules by allowing a user to share their personal information, if the user desires.

Users have an option for either a monthly subscription or a yearly subscription. This only applies if you are in the US or Canada. The cost of a monthly subscription is $1.99 in the US or $2.49 in Canada. The yearly subscriptions will cost $19.99 or $23.99 per year, respectively.

Wired iPad Subscriptions Thank You

If you like Wired and you have an iPad, you should check out their application and even purchase a subscription. It costs the same as the physical copy does on Amazon, which is $19.99 per year, so the digital version can be a good choice if you like to not waste paper. Just remember, it will auto-renew at its next renewal period automatically unless you cancel.

Article Via Macstories

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