Will the iPad 3 come with a price hike of $80?

So as you may know, the iPad 3 should be announced as early as next week. Details surrounding its back panel weight gain, Retina display, and other spec changes have been rumored. But what about the pricing? What about it, you might ask. After all, iOS devices are known to come in at the same prices, but a recent post by MacRumors shows an image that suggests otherwise. A Sina Weibo user posted what is said to be the iPad 3 cost premiums over the iPad 2. The first column shows the current prices of the iPad 2, the second column shows the supposed prices of the iPad 3, and the third is calculated on the exchange rate. Basically, you’d be adding $80 to each Wi-Fi only model and $70 to the Wi-Fi plus 3G models. If there’s any truth to this, it will be a shocker to the millions preparing to withdraw $500 from their bank accounts. They just might have to pull an extra $100 out, give or take. However, the idea of China being in possession of U.S. prices just doesn’t seem normal.

Such a claim doesn’t sound too far-fetched considering the talk going around that Apple might keep the iPad 2 in circulation at a lower price. This would create a whole new level of products. Something like the “higher-end” tablet versus the “lower end.” I personally believe that Apple has no reason to raise the prices, so hold that extra $80 for accessories.What do you think? Any truth to this? Or is this just another one of those rumors that tend to surface days before announcements are made. Leave your thoughts below.

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