Video: iPad 2 gets the Blendtec treatment

Blendtec, the company behind the “Will it Blend?” videos that have become nothing short of an internet sensation, are at it again. This time, they have their hands on the iPad 2, and have gone to the effort to film a parody Keynote to accompany their iPad 2 smoothie making class.¬†Blendtec CEO, Tom Dickson, is the most experienced blender of consumer electronics in the world, so it’s more a question of how fast the iPad will meet its demise, than if it will at all.

I love these videos, there is something gratifying watching expensive technology become nothing but dust. Looking at the cost of some of the blenders on their site. I would want my money back if they lacked the blending prowess to do the same to my gadgets as they do to my fruit. I always look forward to the punchlines at the end of the videos where Tom Dickson looks at the camera while the dust comes out of the top of the blender and spouts something like, “Watch out for the iSmoke!”

See below for the destruction of Apple’s latest creation, and check out their YouTube channel for more blending goodness.

Article Via TiPb

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