Update: Apple won’t be charging for iOS 4

A couple of days ago we wrote up an article highlighting Stuff.TV’s claims that Apple intended on charging for iOS4 for the iPad, which in our opinion would have been a huge step backwards for the device. It was suggested that the update would come in around $10.00, which is right in line with the other Touch updates that we’ve seen.

But, AppleInsider has pointed out that Apple’s licensing agreement “specifically stats that the next major iPad OS software release will be free.” But, that’s where Apple’s promises end, and speculation begins.

While the update to iOS 4 might be free, subsequent releases might not be. It makes complete sense that Apple wants to get everyone on the same page with iOS 4. Having everyone using the new OS means that software developers can forge ahead with their applications, without having to worry about compatibility issues.

The last we checked, and trust me I’m no lawyer, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act is still in practice, and Apple’s previously cited the Act for the reasons behind the iPod Touch update charges. I have no idea how, or what the heck that Act stipulates, but I’m pretty sure we’re not done hearing about it just yet.

Ergo, enjoy the iOS 4 update for your iPad, but don’t be surprised if you’re charged for subsequent updates.

PS: I’ve always wanted to use ergo in a post. *high-five*

Article Via AppleInsider

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