Twelve South Brings The BookBook To The iPad Mini

Twelve South has just announced that it will be bringing its famous BookBook case to the iPad mini. The BookBook for iPad is the same case that we’ve come to love on our full-sized iPads, iPhones and MacBooks, just scaled down for the iPad mini. The BookBook will protect your shiny new iPad from damage due to falls and scrapes. Not only does the BookBook protect your iPad, but it looks very classy and can disguise your iPad as a book if needed. The case features multiple viewing angles, including a typing position that angles your iPad in a comfortable typing position.

Twelve South has made the BookBook for iPad mini available today for $69.99 via its online store. As of now, you can purchase the BookBook in three different colors: Vintage Brown, Classic Black and Vibrant Red. Personally, I had the BookBook case for my iPhone 4S and absolutely loved it. I hope to be able to check out the BookBook for both the iPhone 5 and iPad mini soon, but I’m guessing that I’ll like them just as much as I liked the case on my iPhone 4S.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.