Toys “R” Us to carry the iPad 2?

Everyone’s a kid at heart, even the iPad 2 it seems.

According to Electronista, Apple’s tablet is slated — see what I did there? — to start selling at Toys “R” Us stores.

The iPad 2 is available through retail chains like Walmart, Sam’s Club, Target , Best Buy and Radio Shack. Toys “R” Us seems like a strange addition to this list, but after a minute of thinking about it, this kind of makes sense.

iOS — without a doubt — has become a gaming platform. With the App Store, adding games is simple and safe, unlike traditional consoles which still require archaic plastic discs for additional games to be played.

Why shouldn’t Apple pitch its products to kids and their parents as a gaming console? I think it could be a huge success.

Just like the artwork with this article.

Article Via TUAW

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