ToDo for the iPad: A real productivity application at a decent price

If you’re not tied to another ToDo list application, and you seriously hate the price tag that comes with applications like Things (Things is great BTW), you’ll be happy to know that there’s an excellent alternative on the AppStore—it’s named ToDo for the iPad. The customer reviews are pretty telling, and we’d have to concur; for $4.99 you probably won’t find anything nearly as good for the same price point.

The application looks phenomenal, as any iPad app should, and has a host of features that help the application stand apart from some of the alternatives on the market.

ToDo for the iPad syncs with iCal, Outlook, or over the network which helps ensure that your ToDos aren’t lost forever if your iPad dies on you. You can also get task reminder alerts, manage multiple tasks at once, and take full advantage of the contact and email integration.

I’ve only spent a short deal of time with it, but I’d have to say that the application is holding its own and it may be a contender for full-time use. My current go-to ToDo application is awesome, but it’s hard recommending an iPad app that weighs in at $19.99. Don’t get me wrong though, Things is a stellar productivity application, and if the price tag doesn’t turn you off, I’d recommend giving both of these applications a try.

Luckily, ToDo is currently on sale, so I’d head on over and pick it up before the price updates.

You can get ToDo on the AppStore for $4.99.

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