The new iPad runs hotter than the old iPad, but it’s not exactly an inferno of difference

Dutch blog has confirmed what most of the early new iPad users suspected: the new iPad does actually run warmer than the iPad 2. The blog managed to snap a couple of thermal images of it beside the iPad 2. The images reveal that the new iPad ran on average 5.3° C warmer than its predecessor:

Dimitri Reijerman from explains:

After five minutes, per tablet, the temperature of the hottest point is measured. On the left is the new iPad. Noted that the lower right corner at the rear a temperature of 33.6 ° C. The iPad 2 scored in the same place a temperature of 28.3 ° C, a difference of 5.3° C.

What’s a little bit alarming is that Apple notes on its iPad specs page that the normal operating temperature is 0° to 35° C, with a non-operating temperature of -20° to 45° C. While the results showed that the iPad was hovering around 33.6 ° C, well under the worrisome 45° C, we have to wonder what kind of operating temperature we’ll see in the middle of a normal summer day. Should the iPad reach a dangerous temperature (for the chips, not your skin), the iPad will automatically power itself down to cool off. So, you shouldn’t be too worried about it.

The temperature was one of the first things I noticed during testing for our new iPad review. I was a bit shocked, and found myself wondering if the old iPad got just as warm and I forgot about it (I sold my iPad 2 about a month ago). The temperature differential, while only 5.3° C, is certainly noticeable, but you’re not going to be melting your fingers any time soon.

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