The Cannibals Are Back, iPad Better Watch Itself This Quarter

The most popular cannibals on the tech scene seem to have reared their ugly heads again. This time the silicon munching maniacs are out to eat Apple’s full-sized iPads. Their name – The iPad mini. A new report from a Sterne Agee analyst prognosticates that Apple’s latest iPad on the market could eat up iPad sales, and that sales estimates need to be reevaluated for this quarter. Just like every iPad before it, the iPad mini is the new cool cannibal on the scene.

Shaw Wu, the analyst at Sterne Agee, stated in a release today that the iPad will feel the bite from the iPad mini, kinda:

“He lowered his iPad estimates to 23.5 million (from 25 million). ‘Pad mini (sic) demand remains strong,’ he wrote,’but shipments appear limited by supply constraints. On the other hand, build plans for iPad appear to have been reduced likely due to some cannibalization by iPad mini.'”

In other news, people want the latest and greatest iPad on the market. The earth revolves around the sun. A high tide lifts all boats. Using the word cannibal gets lots of page views.

Kidding aside, it’s probably a safe bet to assume Apple has sold a boat load of iPads, and will continue to sell a boat load of iPads through the holiday season and into the next quarter. We don’t suggest running off and selling your Apple stock.

Oh, by the way, I don’t own Apple stock. In case you were wondering.

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