TED: There’s now an app for it

TED is all the rage, and if you haven’t come into contact with the project, you’ve probably been living under a rock. TED spreads ideas that are “worth spreading.” If an idea or concept is revolutionary in some way, there’s a good chance there’s been a TED Talk on it from someone who’s knowledgeable on the topic.

But for a project that prides itself of being on the cutting edge of everything, they did not have an official mobile application. TEDTalks on mobile devices didn’t exist. Well, TED has finally put together an iPad application with the help of OjingoLabs and Matt Drance. We’re now graced with a TEDTalks application in the App Store.

The application is pretty snazzy, as it lets you sort your videos, play either HD or standard def videos based on your connection, as well as create playlists. The kicker, Inspire Me, a function that lets you create a custom playlist based on the amount of time you have free. Have only ten minutes? There’s a video for that.

If you’re interested in hearing from Drance about the development process of the TED application, you can check out a full interview on the TED website. You can also download the app from the App Store for free.

PS: See what I did there in the title? Josh 1, Patent Police 0.

Article Via Macstories

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