Study shows there’s room for two iPads per house

When I finally got my hands on the iPad for the first time, I instantly began wondering how the device would influence our technology usage in the home. It was pretty easy see that iPads could become the dominant couch surfing technology in the house. Anyone who dabbles in consumer electronics could have seen that one coming from a mile away, but I just couldn’t see families paying for multiple iPads.

Most houses already have a desktop, a laptop, and adding one iPad per home would have surely been enough, or so my logic went. I guess I didn’t see the iPad as much of a laptop replacement at the time, but it’s turning into just that, and many families are now buying multiple iPads for the home.

YouGov has put together a survey that clearly illustrates the reasons people are purchasing multiple iPads in a home. The most dominate reason for two iPads in a home is that someone else in the family uses the iPad. I’m still not sold that a family needs more than one iPad and that user accounts on the iPad wouldn’t solve this problem, but it’s an interesting trend.

iPads are cheap enough that buying multiple devices makes more sense than buying multiple laptops at this point, but does the modern family really need two or more iPads? I know my house doesn’t, but then again, I have computers hooked up to everything around here. A Mac Pro sits on the desk, a MacBook Pro in my laptop bag, a Mac mini attached to my TV, and an iPad next to the bed.

Has the iPad replaced any of the traditional “computers” in your home? Could your family get away with using multiple iPads instead of laptops and desktops? We’d love to hear your thoughts on the issue.

Article Via 9 to 5 Mac

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