Steve Jobs appears at iPad 2 event

Steve Jobs walked on stage to a standing ovation today as he launched the new iPad. Steve started the keynote with a few numbers:

  • 100 million books downloaded
  • 200 million accounts across Apple’s three stores—iTunes, App Store, and iBookstore
  • Random House is joining the iBookstore
  • App Store has paid out over $2 billion to developers
  • Recently shipped 100 millionth iPhone
  • 15 million iPads sold in 2010, generating $9.5 billion in revenue
  • Majority of revenue now comes from post-PC products
  • iPad has 90% of marketshare and competitors were “just flummoxed”
  • App Store has over 350,000 Apps, and 65,000 take advantage of the iPad

The opening minutes of most of Apple’s keynotes began with statistics, and today’s were squarely aimed at touting the success of the iPad over its competitors. Since Apple has pretty much dominated the market, it’s not too difficult for them to toot their own horn. It was interesting to see that Jobs sees the iBookstore as an important highlight, opening the keynote with iBook numbers.

Jobs also had a few comments to make about Apple’s competitors in the tablet space, notably singling out Samsung and the famous “low sales” quote, as well as showing an Android Honeycomb bee with only 100 apps. It’s not usual for Apple to mention competitors, but I think the gloves have come off over the last year.

Apple is strutting its stuff today, and with performance like that in 2010, there’s a lot to be proud about.

Article and Photo Via Macworld

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