Start storing your iPad under your mattress, iPlayboy drops today

Back in January, when Playboy announced it was developing an archive application featuring every single issue ever created, a lot of people speculated that it would be censored due to Apple’s adult content restrictions. This was soon put to rest when it was noted that the offering would not be available in the App Store.

Cleverly, Playboy has taken the ability to censor its content completely out of Apple’s hands and developed a web app, which we’re way too happy to report is available today!!

Hugh Hefner started Playboy in 1953 and it became the largest selling “men’s magazine,” a title it still holds to date, selling approximately 2.6 million copies each month in the US alone.  Each and every issue, starting from December 1953, is available right now via a pretty manageable subscription fee.

The available iPad subscriptions include options for monthly ($8), yearly ($60) or biannually ($100).  While these prices are greater than the price for new issues,  the fact that every issue is available makes this a tremendous value.

Every issue is completely searchable — making it easy to find that interview with Woody Harrelson — and will also include an interactive table of contents.

One last cool feature, since we know it’s not ALL about the articles, is the Centerfold and Spanning feature. Utilizing the iPad’s rotation awareness, iPlayboy is able to display truncated images while in portrait mode, and reveal the entire spread when in landscape.

Bringing the archives to the iPad could spell a shift in how we consume our content, and it’s exciting to see the industry moving in this direction.

Web APP: iPlayboy
Statistics Via Wikipedia

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