Sparrow Teases The Masses With iPad App References

It’s inevitable really. Sparrow will eventually come to the iPad, like the iPhone before it. The Next Web is reporting that the Sparrow team is gearing up to release the iPad application any day now, which is huge news if you’re already all in with the application across your other devices. Sparrow has announced that they “Are Preparing Something Bigger” on their website, and many, including Matt Brian, believe it’s the iPad: “Having changed the way people use email on the iPhone and on the Mac, the team behind the popular Sparrow email client have made another important announcement — it’s on its way to the iPad.” There aren’t any other details other than that little nugget from Brian.

Back in May it was announced that the Sparrow team, on the heels of having their Push services balked at by Apple, would be releasing a Push service as a premium, paid feature. At the time, we polled our readers, and a whopping 83.54 percent of voters stated that they would not be willing to pay for the feature. Hopefully the Sparrow team has also figured out how to include Push for free, because at this point it’s looking like it won’t get much traction otherwise.

Do you plan on purchasing the iPad app? I’m still on the fence. Love the Mac app, but still not sold on the iPhone version.

Article and Image Via: The Next Web

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