Skyrim stories available for the iPad

If you’re thinking it’d be nice to spend every waking moment focused on Skyrim, Skyrim and nothing but Skyrim, you may be happy to know that the Skyrim books are now available on the iPad, iPhone, Nook, Kindle and other electronic readers. Translation: You no longer need to disconnect from Skyrim when you visit the lavatory. has released all the lore electronically (and added things like a table of contents, headings and a cover). If you want to get your hands on it all, head to this link and download it. It’s as simple as that.

Skyrim took the gaming world by the throat on November 11 when it was released (just in time for the holiday Thanksgiving weekend in the U.S., those sly dogs). A sequel to the insanely popular RPG, Elder Scrolls, Skyrim is already meeting with wildly enthusiastic praise from critics and players alike. As with all good role playing games, it’s rich with background and storytelling, hence the reason why someone would want to peruse its lore in their spare time (as opposed to, say, Duke Nukem lore).

There are no plans to bring Skyrim to the Macintosh or iOS (that we’re aware of), so reading the stories is as close as no-console-having-goobs like me will be able to manage for the foreseeable future.

Source: Joystiq

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