Show off your iPad with the X-Band Glove for the iPad

There have been several different types of cases to protect your iPad.  They vary from slip cases to the Apple branded iPad case.  I actually prefer and use the Apple iPad case for my own iPad.  So with all these cases out in the wild, there isn’t any real way for you to show off or display your iPad to a group of people.  That’s where the X-Band Glove for the iPad comes into play.  No not the Nintendo Power Glove, I’m talking about the X-Band Glove for the iPad.

Just Another iPad Blog, explains how this nifty glove is used to show others your iPad with just one hand:

“The Apple iPad™ is an amazing device, but for all its beauty and functionality, it’s difficult to hold with one hand for more than a few minutes. Why is that a problem, don’t you use your iPad on your lap or a table? Normally, but what about those times when you’re presenting information to coworkers, giving a presentation with your iPad, showing lab results to a patient, or giving the financial analysis to your boss. In fact, if you use your iPad for work, this accessory is going to make your life easier.

The Onhand X-Band glove for the iPad couldn’t be simpler to use.  Just put it on the iPad, do a quick adjustment to make sure it’s fastened securely, and slip your hand in. Now you’re ready to use your iPad with confidence and without fatigue. The “Hand Free” technology lets you operate the iPad with your other hand while you hold it worry free.”

This is a pretty good accessory for those board presentations, or for small meetings.  Plus you won’t have to worry about dropping it because it’s secured to your hand.  What you think about the X-Band Glove for the iPad? Would you buy one?  Or, is this an accessory you can do without?  Leave a comment below, and let us know what you think.  However, if you are interested in getting one for yourself, you can click here and be taken to the X-Band Glove for the iPad’s site.

Photo Credit: Onhand

Article Via Just Another iPad Blog

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