Samsung injunction overturned in Düsseldorf, Germany

Last week we reported that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 had been barred from being sold in the E.U. We believe that Düsseldorf read our article, felt silly, and decided to throw pie in our faces by turning over their decision! That’s right folks, you read it here first (what I mean is that you read the turnover in this post first on Macgasm… where you actually read it is of no concern), the Düsseldorf court changed their mind and is letting Samsung peddle their wares once again.

MacUser reported, “the injunction was lifted after Samsung complained that the court did not have the authority to issue an injunction on its parent company.” Injunctions are only issued when there’s a good case that the hearing will rule in the same favor, so this throws a little bit of daytime soap opera drama in for Apple’s lawyers. But the real dirt in this affair is that the injunction was overturned when it was discovered Apple had submitted a doctored photo (gasp!) to make the Galaxy Tab appear to have the same dimensions as the iPad.

Egads! Just when I was starting to think that lawyers were above childish legal maneuvers such as this. C’est la vie.

Now, facts aside, here’s what I believe really happened: Samsung is a 70-year-old company. If you don’t know it now, you will — the older you get, the less willing you are to put up with what you perceive as crap doled out by The Man. These old coots aren’t putting up with some hipster kid telling them they can’t sell their product to a society that wears man purses! What does Samsung do?! They send top secret corporate ninjas into Düsseldorf’s courts and doctor Apple’s images! Oh, the travesty! That’s how it “emerged,” as phrased by MacUser on Apple’s shenanigans. This is the only way Apple maintains the squeaky clean reputation that we all know it has, and shows us youngsters that you don’t mess with old people. Never forget, old age and trickery will always defeat youth and strength.

Source: MacUser
Via: Gizmodo

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