Samsung wants “fair” ruling for ripping off Apple designs

The multi-country battle between Apple and Samsung continues today, but this time it’s Samsung squeaking out a small victory. Australian Federal Court Justice Lindsay Foster feels that the original injunction to ban the Galaxy tablets in Australia were unfair.

From Bloomberg:

“The result looks terribly fair to Apple and not terribly fair to Samsung,” Federal Court Justice Lindsay Foster said today at a hearing in Sydney on Samsung’s appeal for the ban to be overturned.

Samsung claims that the original injunction failed to consider the “dire consequences” of the ban on Samsung, and how that affects the company because now they’re completely shut out from the market, according to Bloomberg.

Here’s the solution, and it’s quite simple: don’t rip other peoples’ designs off and you’ll be able to sell your products wherever you desire. Rocket science, I know.

The government and legal system shouldn’t at any point care what the results of a permanent ban may be on Samsung. This case should be fought on one principle alone: Did Samsung steal Apple’s designs? If the answer is yes, then ban the device from sale. If the answer is no, then let them sell their product. It’s that black and white.

It’s that black and white if I decide to infringe on copyrights as a citizen, so why shouldn’t it be that black and white for Samsung?

Also, just so we’re clear, because these injunction fights have me thinking otherwise, is it legal or illegal to steal someone’s designs and claim them as your own? We’ve talked about this before, and it looks painfully obvious that Samsung can’t come up with a successful design on their own. I’d like some clarity on this, because if it’s legal for me to steal someone else’s designs, we’re going to head out and get a website redesign. The Verge Web site looks like a pretty good place to start. I mean, their design is obvious, and we’ll totally arrive at it independently, we promise.

Can we just have some judge with a sack make a ruling on this already?

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