Rumor: White iPad 2 to be announced on Wednesday at iPad event

It looks like the white iPhone 4 Unicorn has a twin this time around—The iPad 2. According to 9to5Mac, Apple might be gearing up to release a white iPad 2 on Wednesday, they even have an image of an apparently white iPad 2 faceplate.

While we’re all for a white iPad, we’re a little skeptical at this point with the rumor. Keeping in mind the difficulty that Apple as had shipping the White iPhone 4, as well as the availability of white iPhone 4 cases already available from third party manufacturers and sellers, it could be that this white iPad bezel isn’t legitimately from Apple.

We wish it was, but it might not be, so I wouldn’t get your hopes up. White iOS devices have been in the news all year long. Apple announced a white iPhone 4, but it still hasn’t shipped yet because of light leaking for the case, allegedly. In addition to the white iPhone 4, there’s been rumors recently of a white iPhone 5 and now a white iPad 2.

If Apple has worked out the white paint and plastic problems that have been plaguing the white iPhone 4, announcing white devices this time around with the iPad 2 and iPhone 5 would be the perfect moment to put it behind them.

Article Via MacRumors
Image Credit: IENLive
Note: The image in the header is a concept, not an iPad 2

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