Rumor: Sharp to build the new iPad 3 Retina display panel

Retina display iPad 3 rumors are popping up again. This time the rumor focuses on who is actually making the display panels, instead of focusing on whether or not the iPad 3 will actually have a Retina display. It’s nice to know that the Retina display in the iPad 3 is now a forgone conclusion.

From Digitimes:

Starting with the new iPads, Apple will utilize IGZO panels from Sharp in order to upgrade the display resolution of the new tablets to full HD level, the sources indicated. To enter the supply chain of iPads, Sharp has switched some of its capacity for large-size panels to the production of small-size panels for smartphones and tablet PCs, said the sources, adding that Sharp will also continue to roll out its Galapagos tablet lineup in 2012 using IGZO panels.

Expect to hear about Retina displays in the iPad 3 until the next iPad ships sometime this year. Sharp has also been outed as the company responsible for the display panels for Apple’s rumoured, and potentially upcoming, Apple Television. Kind of makes you wonder if this rumor is just an extension of the television rumor earlier this week.

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