Rumor: Next-gen MacBook Air still on the way, iPad 3 to have Retina display next year

Last week, reports came out stating that the MacBook Air would be updated on Wednesday of this week. An update to those rumors suggests that in fact it is the unlocked iPhone 4 models that will be arriving stateside on Wednesday, and that the MacBook Air is slated for a slightly later release. It is likely that the updated MacBook Airs may be released in either late June or July to coincide with the retail release of Lion.

A report also stated that the iPad 3 will be released sometime in 2012, and will have a Retina display with a resolution much greater than that of the current iPad models. The new Retina display would potentially need a resolution in excess of 2048×1536 pixels to qualify for Apple’s “Retina display” terminology.

Of course, this rumor is hardly new, as we have heard reports as early as last year that the iPad 3 would have a Retina display, but that it would take some time before it would be ready for full-scale production, due to high cost and difficult manufacturing constraints.

Apple is also purportedly certifying components for the iPad 3 right now, in preparation for a release in 2012, with manufacturing starting up early next year.

Article Via AppleInsider
Photo Credit: MacRumors

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