Rumor: LG sent Apple 7.85-inch screens for smaller iPad “mini”

LG Display and AU Optronics have allegedly sent 7.85-inch display panels to Apple for testing. According to a report by the Taiwanese Economic Daily, Apple has already set specifications for a smaller tablet in a direct attempt to compete with the Kindle Fire.

Rumors of an iPad mini have begun to circulate, despite an articulate denial from the company previously. Over a year ago, Steve Jobs himself denied that Apple was working on a smaller tablet.

Here’s what we should take away from the rumor: Apple’s doing its due diligence and testing all possible avenues for the iPad. The only way to know what works and what doesn’t work is to test, test, test, all device possibilities.

We’re not saying that Apple will never release an iPad mini, but we are saying that it’s way too early to even suggest that Apple is getting set to release an iPad mini. After all, the company still has the iPod touch on the market. For all we know, the iPod touch could be getting a bigger screen as opposed to the iPad’s screen getting smaller. See my point? There’s no way of knowing what Apple may be thinking, or why they maybe trying out 7.85-inch screens. Heck, there’s no way to know if they’ve even acquired 7.85-inch screens.

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