Rumor: iPad 3 Retina display analyzed by iFixIt

The good folks over at iFixIt take a moment to analyze a screen that is purported to be slated for the iPad 3. It’s the same size as the previous displays, four times the pixels, and uses a completely different connector than the iPad 2 does currently.

At this point, if Apple announces anything less than a Retina display iPad with bumped specs and at least the same level of battery life, there is bound to be a huge groan-fest all over the Internet and Wall Street. The sad part is that it is becoming harder and harder for Apple to surprise us with hardware announcements. Because all consumer electronics companies are dependent on foreign companies to make the components, leaks are inevitable. At best, Apple will meet hardware expectations. At worst, they’ll have to deal with the insanely reactive and naysaying stock market.

What do you think about this supposed iPad 3 Retina display? Will it make reading text and browsing the web significantly better for you, or will you be skipping this generation of iPad in favor of an iPad 4 next year? Sound off in the comment section below this post, or hit us up on Twitter. Our handle is @macgasm, and we love to hear from our readers.

Source: iFixIt

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