Rumor: Boxee to release new app that streams to Apple TV via AirPlay

Boxee is planning on bringing a huge update to your iPad. According to Boxee’s VP of Marketing, a new Boxee app will roll out at the end of March, and the app will let you stream content from your iPad to your Boxee Box. In addition to streaming to your Boxee box, there’s also been some mention of the new Boxee app working with AirPlay and the Apple TV.

From TechAU,

Another big announcement is that there’ll also be an iPad app for Boxee that allows you to stream content to your TV, via Boxee Box. Effectively they just announced Boxee Box will have AirPlay support !

If it turns out to be true, and the Boxee app will actually be taking advantage of AirPlay, it would be an interesting conundrum for the company. On the one hand, it would mean getting access to the vast consumer base that uses the Apple TV as their primary Web/TV device, but it also means that people may be less inclined to buy the actual Boxee Box.

Personally, I’d love to see Boxee get AirPlay support.

Update: It’s been confirmed, Boxee will be available for the iPad some time in May 2011

Article Via Engadget and Pocket Lint

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