Rumor: Apple might remove subscription-based apps

A website from the Netherlands is reporting that Apple’s playing tough with developers who have managed to build subscription models in to their apps that bypass Apple’s upcoming tools. According to, Apple has given developers until March 31, 2011 to retool their applications to include Apple’s new subscription API and resubmit their apps, or they might find themselves without an application on the App Store. It’s being reported that Apple plans on removing any application from the App Store that doesn’t adhere to Apple’s upcoming subscription model.

From a business perspective it makes sense that Apple wants everyone using the same platform to deliver their subscription-based content. Using Apple’s method will make maintenance easier for Apple, as well as ensure that the company will see their 30% of sales. What company on the planet wouldn’t want those kinds of sales perks?

According to, the Netherlands government doesn’t sound too impressed with Apple’s “restrictions.” To be painfully honest, the article was translated by Google Translate, so a lot could have been lost during that process, but they seem to be more concerned about their businesses than they are about their consumers getting screwed over by big business, which is hilarious.

All along Apple’s taken a hard stance with publishers about the type of information they’re willing to send over to magazines and news outlets. It’s been rumoured that Apple refuses to give them information about their iTunes subscribers. As a consumer, that makes me happy, and I can’t complain about it on any level. It’s actually a breath of fresh air. Finally some major companies are protecting their customers instead of exploiting them and selling their information for profit.

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