Rumor has Apple launching 7″ and 5.6″ iPads around Christmas

Digitimes is reporting that rumors are swirling that Apple has ordered 7″ and 5.6″ OLED panels for Q4 from “Compal Electronics.” Of course, everyone’s minds go right to the iPad, and supposedly these proposed models are aimed at the eReader crowd.

That said, OLED displays are apparently in high demand with short supply. There is a very good possibility that the technology is not ready for iPad-style prime time due to manufacturing concerns. As we’ve learned from the Nintendo Wii, a supply chain issue here and there doesn’t seem to hurt sales all that much. Let’s just hope that Apple doesn’t plan on pushing ahead on the technology that isn’t sustainable quite yet.

I’m very interested in the market for these devices. The iPhone and iPod Touch have the pocket computer concept worked out. The iPad is a great bed-surfing device. Why would anyone purchase a 5.6″ or 7″ version of the technology? It seems out of place to me. Maybe you, our readers, have some ideas for these mid-range iOS devices. Please sound off in the comment section of this post, or you can hit me up on Twitter.

Article Via 9 to 5 Mac

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