Rovio Releases First Ever Cookbook App “Bad Piggies Best Egg Recipes” For iPad

Rovio, the creator of the widely successful Angry Birds, recently teased that they would release a new book app some time in the near future. Well, today is that day. Rovio has announced at the Frankfurt Book Fair that the book app is a cookbook for eggs on your iPad called “Bad Piggies Best Egg Recipes.”

Rovio published the print version of the book by the same title last year, but says the app is much more than just a book. CMO of Angry Birds, Peter Vesterbacka, said, “We took the content from the book, 41 egg recipes, but didn’t want to just take the book, make a PDF and sell it to people. We actually made it a lot more interactive.” Not only does the app provide different egg recipes, but it is also “informative, surprising, and colorful egg recipes.”

Book apps are definitely different from eBooks, with more graphic and interactive interfaces, and “Bad Piggies Best Egg Recipes” app is no exception. Vesterbacka said they “wanted to create a cookbook that brings a family together to actively do things together with the characters they all love. It’s fully interactive at every stage – from seeing the illustrations come to life to sharing photos with your friends and family.” The book’s clearly interactive, but the jury is out on the “bring a family together” part. Let’s be honest, when was the last time cooking dinner brought the family together?

Rovio’s cookbook will be available for $4.99, but if you get it right now it only costs $0.99 on the App Store. The app includes the same recipes as the printed version from 2011, but also has some new added features, like an egg timer, photos of the finished recipes, and eggs that are animated with surprises inside. And this is just the beginning as Vesterbacka said “Bad Piggies Best Egg Recipes” is the first of many book apps to come. If there’s any certainty in this world, it’s that another Angry Birds revenue stream is about to be unleashed.

Source: TechCrunch and PaidContent

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